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Watch “what is happening in Gaza Explanation video” on YouTube

what is happening in Gaza Explanation video:

Watch “مراسل الجزيرة يدخل حى خزاعة بغزة لاول مرة ويصور ا…” on YouTube

مراسل الجزيرة يدخل حى خزاعة بغزة لاول مرة ويصور ا…:

An incident of israeli occupation forces crimes in Gaza. A group of civilians where shoot to death in the bathroom by israeli  occupation forces after arresting them.
More of israeli crimes are committed while the whole world is watching silently..

Children of Gaza… Why?


What harm did they cause to israel!
What danger? All they did was escaping to a supposed to be a safe dhelter in a UN run school ..! It’s not safe, it’s their destiny.
Oh, poor children… May Allah bless your souls and rest in peace….
Israel is a terrorist state, it was and will always be…

Shame on America which support it with arms and money used to kill palestinian childre..


Waiting for the F16… waiting for death

What would you do if your phone suddenly rings to recieve a call from israeli occupation forces telling you that they were going to bombard your house within minutes.??? Within minutes if you don’t evacuate your house, your house with all inhabitants will be turn into ash and blood…

Maybe one can’t imagine what to do… what a terrifying sitution! What a Terrorism!

Who can say what to do with in minutes! Maybe the last minutes of your life and your family too. Within mintues, and some times seconds, everything collaps in front of your eyes. You might get paralyzed waiting for the bombs…

Every time the phone or mobile rings you get this feeling its your turn…

Those who managed to escape at the right moment were almost dead… They can’t believe what happened.. Then they realize that they are homeless… all they have is what they wear while they were sleeping…

Just imagine how do you feel when you look at the ruins of your house seeing all your household destroyed completely under the ruins… how one can forget or forgive…

How one can go on. How can you survive that.? Can anyone?

What? Why? And many endless questions never have answer.

After losing all… you might ask whats next… a new journey of misery starts to rebuild a house if one could… a brike by a brike… building evetything from the beginning….

As I write these words, I keep hearing explosions… fear and terror became a part of our daily life in Gaza… every couples of mintues more and more houses get bombarded and destroyed upon their inhabitants by israeli jets or tanks.
No electricity, no peace, a killing heat, bombing and explosions every moment, listening to radio all the time for bad news of more killing and new victims…. This is life in Gaza.

Every house, building, area, even hospitsls is a possible target by israeli occupation forces. Every civilian is a target too. Hundreds were killed brutally by israeli artillary and jets. Maybe the whole word can’t see the picture of Gaza the right way, and maybe no one cares. Those who suffer, always suffer alone. Never expect a helping hand…. When you are a palestinian.

One thing is sure, if you are a palestinian in Gaza, always make yourself ready to leave your house forever… No one is an exception.

ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency – Israel kills at least 15 in two famil – ALRAY

Gaza massacre

Gaza massacre…

غزة تغرق

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